companion planting techniques

Companion Planting Techniques

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Companion Planting Techniques Companion planting is the practice of using various plants to improve conditions in the garden. Some plants are excellent at deterring one or more pests, while others will improve soil conditions, and improve the flavour of nearby vegetables. The goal is to have a diverse garden mimics what we see in nature. In today’s world, mono-crops have become …

growing tomatoes, how to grow tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes

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How to Grow Tomatoes Growing tomatoes is not hard, but there are some things to learn. Tomatoes are amongst the most popular plants in the garden. To grow the best tomatoes you need to prepare the soil and provide the proper nutrients and care. When growing tomatoes you’ve probably come across cracked, brown, or bruised looking tomatoes, and other problems. Sometimes these …

Gardening and the Economy

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The world economy is becoming more and more uncertain. Major currencies are based on confidence rather than on tangible things such as gold. Whether people are the gardening type or not, people are starting to turn to gardening at home to save money. As energy prices and water prices increase each year the food prices also increase. This is never …