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How to Grow Strawberries From Seed

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Growing strawberries from seed is very easy.¬†Strawberries require a dormant season where temperatures fall at least slightly below or at freezing. The seeds will germinate better if stratified – kept at below freezing temperatures for a couple weeks in a freezer. In my experience, strawberry seeds do not need to be stratified, even though this helps, you can still get …

Wild Strawberries

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If you live in a climate that experiences below 0 degree temperatures, you will be able to grow these wonderful strawberry plants! Many are familiar with big garden strawberries that dominate the supermarkets. The garden strawberry is a hybrid plant and it replaced the woodland strawberry (wild strawberry), in commercial production, in the 18th century because of it’s larger size. …

Growing Alpine Strawberries

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Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) Alpine strawberries are an everbearing strawberry variety. They will grow fairly fast from seed and will produce berries in even in the first year of planting. The berries are larger than the woodland wild strawberry varieties, and it is a much more prolific producer of berries. The plants in the picture above were started in two …