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How to Grow Basil

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The most common basil is sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Basil is a very aromatic herb and part of the mint family. This herb is well known and common in many different types of cuisines. Basil is believed to be originally from India and to have been in cultivation for 5,000 years. Follow the steps below on how to grow basil. …

Grow Sweet Basil from seed

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Sweet Basil Ocimum basilicum Duration: Annual When to Sow: Spring (after danger of frost) Light conditions: Full sun Ease of Germination: Very easy Uses: Culinary, beverage, aromatic Sweet basil grows up to 40-60cm high.┬áBasil is best used fresh and has a pungent, aromatic and spicy flavour that resembles cloves. Basil tastes great with tomatoes or tomato flavoured dishes. It is …

How to Grow Genovese Basil

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Genovese Basil Genovese basil is from the Genoa area of Italy, the pesto capital of the world. The leaves are larger than sweet basil and has a more bushy growth. The flavour is pungent, slightly spicy, and very aromatic. ‘Genovese’ is the classic basil for pesto and tomato-based dishes. The sweet, large, dark-green leaves grow up to 2 inches long, …