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A community garden is defined as a group of people coming together to garden. Community gardens are not necessarily all communal in that everyone shares in the work and harvest as a whole. Many community gardens may be set up so that each person has a lot. Members of the community garden are usually required to spend enough time to kept their lot maintained and weed free. It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other, learn new techniques, and discover new herbs and vegetables. Even schools are more and more getting involved and teaching children about the benefits of gardening and farming in a sustainable way. There has been a large generation gap of people not being educated in gardening and things are now starting to around. This lack of education in growing food and eating properly has been a big factor in the health crisis we are seeing today in obesity and diabetes.

Community gardens these days are also more likely to be organic. It’s a unique way of gardening in that all sorts of people, young and old, can come together and work as a team. Just in the Toronto area there are over 100 community gardens and generally every city or town have them. If you check your city’s website you might find a link for local community gardens.

I read some articles about gardeners in the USA selling their produce, whether just one basket of fruit or vegetables, to a local urban agricultural greenhouse and then the locals would buy their fruits and vegetables there. This is a great idea as well since so many people today are just giving away or throwing out their extra tomatoes or what ever produce it is. A lot of the food we get from grocery stores have traveled hundreds of miles to get there. That’s why the food never tastes as good as freshly picked produce from the garden.

Here are some books I recommend to get you started:
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