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moss garden

Photo Credit: Marina del Castell. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Growing a moss garden is and interesting idea that I’ve come across recently. Moss gardening has been around since ancient times. One can’t be too surprised once you see it’s beauty in nature, such as the photo above. This summer some moss starting to grow in a pot full of soil that I had in my backyard. The moss had an amazing, rich green colour and I didn’t want to get rid of it, so I just left it there. By the end of summer the moss filled the whole pot. But this got me thinking, what other types of moss can I grow? And where else should I grow it?

Moss Garden

Moss prefers shady areas and to live on top of acidic soils, that is why when trying to grow moss it is recommended that you blend some moss up in a blender with either beer, yogurt, or powdered milk (all are acidic products) and then spread it on some surfaces outside where you’d like it to grow. It probably would be better to grow it outside in a sheltered location first, since the rain can wash away the moss pretty quickly. If you find a rock or some object outside that has even a shade of green on it, try moving it to an area with more shade and moisture, and the growth of the moss can really be surprising. Indirect light is fine just try to avoid direct light and the moss should do well. This can be a fun experiment to find new mosses in your area.

Where to Buy Moss

You can find sources for moss is on eBay or Amazon. ┬áVarious varieties of water mosses can be found at some pet shops. For the land mosses the best place is probably your own backyard. Wherever you do source the moss it’s important to avoid negatively impacting the environment where you do find it. This is important to consider as some mosses grow very slowly, and may take a long time to recover.

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