Growing from Seeds

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There are so many different seeds that you will come across when planning out your garden, so I thought I would write a quick article on growing from seed. Yes, researching each and every seed would be the best solution, but that can be very time consuming. A lot of the common foods that are grown are generally easy to germinate, and if you stick it in the ground and water, you might just get it to sprout.

The first thing to look at is the size of the seed. The smaller the seed the more likely that it needs sunlight to germinate, so you would surface sow the seed, or apply a very thin layer of soil on top. The larger a seed gets, such as beans, the deeper into the soil you can bury it. There really is no need to bury it down as much as possible, at least half an inch is more than enough. The main point to burying the seed we sow outdoors is to hide it from animals, and to stop it from blowing or and washing away. A bean can just as easily be germinated in direct light when grown indoors.

When growing from seed indoors, it is better to surface sow, because there is even less light indoors and as I wrote earlier, some seed requires light in order to germinate. It’s always good to research the seed but if you are growing common herbs or plants that are closely related, the germination process is virtually the same.

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