How to grow Licorice from Seed

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Glycyrrhiza glabra
Perennial (hardy in zones 7-10)
When to Sow: Spring, late summer.
Light conditions: Full sun to partial shade
Ease of Germination: Moderate
Uses: Culinary, medicinal, industrial

Also known as European licorice. Grows to 1 meter in height. Is the source of most commercial licorice used in the making of candy, liquor, and as a sweetener for herbal tea. Extracts flavour tobacco, beer, soft drinks and pharmaceutical products. 3 year old roots are harvested in the autumn.

Licorice tea is amazing for treating sore throats and coughs. It coats your throat with its sweet flavour making swallowing a lot less painful, as well as fighting off bad bacteria and viruses. Licorice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties effective for arthritis, gastritis, canker sores. Also a mild laxative. Components in licorice aid in healing gastric ulcers.

Growing instructions:
Perennial (hardy in zones 7-10) 
Sow in spring or late summer. Soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water 20°C (68°F). Seed germination is low and irregular. Germinations takes 1-2 weeks.
Prefers full-sun to partial shade. Requires rich, moist, and well-draining soil with a pH of around 6. Lightly cover seeds with soil. Keep soil moist but never soggy. For best germination results grow indoors in sterilized soil; black earth/peat moss mixture. Transplant outside after risk of frost.

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