How to Grow Watermelon from Seed

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how to grow watermelon

How to Grow Watermelon

Watermelons are a great addition to the garden. There is nothing better than eating refreshing watermelon on hot, summer days! Some of the varieties of watermelon can take up to 85 days to mature, so it’s best to get started early. Watermelons are native to hot climates and require warm weather to thrive.

Growing Watermelons

How to Grow Watermelon: To start, purchase quality, and organic watermelon seeds. Growing watermelon from seed is relatively easy. The vines are native to Africa and Asia, so keeping that in mind watermelons require full sun and warm weather to thrive. Watermelons do best in rich, moist, well-draining soil with a pH of 6-6.8. When the soil temperature is above 70° F (21 C), the seeds can be directly sown outdoors a half an inch deep. If starting the seeds indoors, use pots fill with sterilized potting soil. Seeds can be started indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost date. Transplant the seedlings outdoors at least 1 week after the last frost date. Any frost can kill the seedlings

Watering: It’s important to keep the soil consistently moist but never soggy. If you have clay soil, make raised beds with compost before planting. Rows should be about 2 meters (6 ft) apart and the plants spaced at 30 cm/a foot apart. Watermelons require 1-2 inches of water each week. Use straw mulch to help retain moisture, and stop weeds from growing.

Fertilizer: Watermelons are heavy feeders. It’s best to start out the season by preparing the beds with at least 4 inches of compost. Mulch also adds to the fertility of soil as it slowly degrades. Straw mulch works well with watermelons.

Companion Plants for Watermelon

Companion planting can help keep your watermelons safe. Watermelons are susceptible to the cucumber beetle. French marigolds, and radishes are excellent at repelling this beetle, and do well planted near watermelons. Herbs in general, such as oregano, thyme, mints, etc will help keep many pests in check.

I hope this has taught you something on how to grow watermelon. If you have any questions, or thoughts, please comment below. 🙂

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