Winter Vegetables for Your Winter Garden

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Winter Vegetables There are many winter vegetables to try during the cold season. Just because it’s starting to get cold doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t grow vegetables outside. If you choose the right herbs and winter vegetables you may be able to start the season earlier or end later. Depending on your climate you may need to use a simple greenhouse or cold frame; that can greatly …

Community Gardens

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A community garden is defined as a group of people coming together to garden. Community gardens are not necessarily all communal in that everyone shares in the work and harvest as a whole. Many community gardens may be set up so that each person has a lot. Members of the community garden are usually required to spend enough time to …

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How to Grow Basil

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The most common basil is sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Basil is a very aromatic herb and part of the mint family. This herb is well known and common in many different types of cuisines. Basil is believed to be originally from India and to have been in cultivation for 5,000 years. Follow the steps below on how to grow basil. …

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What is Catnip

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What is Catnip Catnip is an aromatic, perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. What is catnip used for? This is the herb that cats famously go crazy for! As for humans, it is commonly used to make tea. Catnip tea has a calming or relaxing effect. It is also used in traditional medicine and may be able to treat …