Start Seeds Easily with Peat Pellets

Tomato seedlings

An easy way to start your seeds is with peat pellets. Peat pellets are compressed discs of Sphagnum peat moss. You can find these at all garden centres and most big box stores. You can buy them with a plastic tray and cover or just the pellets separately. These are better than the peat pots as the pots can take a long time to disintegrate, whereas the pellets will easily let the roots out once planted.

To prepare your pellets, simply place them in a tray and start adding water. It will only take a few minutes for them to expand fully. Once they’re fully expanded drain the excess water. Sphagnum peat moss is amazing at retaining water and releasing it as the plants need it. After you’ve drained off the excess water place 2-3 seeds in the middle of the expanded peat plug. The reason for this is in case some seeds don’t germinate. Once the seedings get their first set of leaves and look healthy, you pull out the weaker seedlings in the plug. You just want to have one plant per plug.

Peat pellets are certainly not needed to germinate seeds, but I find it makes the process so much easier and more organized!

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