Growing Alpine Strawberries

Growing Alpine Strawberries

Alpine strawberries are an everbearing strawberry variety. They will grow fairly fast from seed and will produce berries in even in the first year of planting. The berries are larger than the woodland wild strawberry varieties, and it is a much more prolific producer of berries. The plants in the picture above were started in two 2′ x 4′ boxes.

Alpine strawberries tolerate the cold a little better than wild strawberries. They do well in full sun to partial shade. If the plant doesn’t have enough light it won’t be able to produce many strawberries. It’s important to keep the strawberry plants well-watered or at least avoid long dry spells. Strawberries do well if peat moss is mixed into the soil as it helps keep the plants from drying out. Alpine strawberries do not produce “runners”, the plants reproduce by seed. Once established the plants will produce abundantly the following year. If starting the seeds outside it is best to start in cool weather such as the spring or late summer. In my experience, they will not sprout in very hot and sunny conditions. Once the conditions are more favourable the seed will still sprout though. After they are established they are very hardy plants and seem to thrive well on their own. It is everbearing and will produce from spring to until the first frost.

The flavour of wild strawberries is more much intense and they are sweeter. To have an early start on your strawberries make sure you cover them with lots of leaves before snowfall. In the very early spring, they will start to sprout and grow under the pile of the leaves even if it’s very cold weather. When there is no more risk of frost you can uncover the plants and it will have a huge head start on all the other plants and weeds.

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