Types of Berries to Grow in Your Garden

goji berries

There are many types of berries to grow in your garden. In this post, I will cover some of the common varieties. Berries are my favourite types of plants to grow in my garden. Fresh berries are one of the most expensive foods to buy at the grocery store. They are also some of the most nutritious for us to eat. This makes them some of the most important plants to grow in gardens, because of the money we can save and the benefits they provide. If you grow plants native to your region then they will be easy to maintain.

Types of berries to grow in Canada

Goji Berries – Goji berries have become more popular in recent years. It’s a very useful plant to grow as not only the berries can be eaten but also the tender young leaves can be as well. In China, goji berries are known as the “longevity fruit”; The berries, leaves, and roots are all highly nutritious and provide numerous health benefits. You can buy goji berry seeds here.

Raspberries – Raspberries are some of the easiest types of berries to grow and maintain. They establish easy and will soon spread in no time. To control their spread you will want to surround them with a barrier around the soil, as they will shoot up new plants each year. In a small area of land you can grow a large crop of berries each year. They require very minimal care. Raspberry leaves can be made into a tea which provide various health benefits.

Blackberries – Are very similar to raspberries when it comes to growing and maintaining them. The berries provide numerous health benefits.

Blueberries – To grow blueberries well you will definitely need to have them in acidic soil. The soil needs to be pH of 4 to 4.5. Once they’re established you can get large harvests of blueberries each year. If you are looking for the seeds you can buy them here: blueberry seeds. Blueberry leaves can be made into a tea.


Strawberries – Strawberries are perennial and easy to grow. I prefer to grow wild strawberries rather than the common hybrid garden strawberry. Wild strawberries are sweet and very rich in flavour. The plants are also much more harder when it comes to resisting disease and pests. Wild strawberry plants are everbearing and will come up early in the spring and produce berries from May to the fall. Buy the seeds here: wild strawberries, alpine strawberries, white soul strawberries. Wild strawberries are low growing and prefer acidic soils, so you can plant them at the base of your blueberry bushes. Strawberry leaves can be made into a tea.

Sea Buckthorn – Sea buckthorn is a thorny shrub that can be grown as a tree. It produces lots of bright yellow/orange berries that are incredibly high in vitamins and other nutrition. They are considered a “super fruit”. The berries will last well into winter and provides a good food source for birds. There is a lot of research going into the potential of sea buchtorn as the berries may be able to treat many diseases. You can purchase sea buckthorn seeds here.

All of these types of berries can be grown and maintained with hardly any effort.

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